Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Newport Half Marathon is Coming! Yikes

This is the first time i've ever ventured anything like this, and I'm a getting keyed up. A great place to run, along the Hudson River looking out over Elis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline! And it's all flat, which is a BIG help. Last night I started getting a percpective on 13 miles as I mapped out how far that would be in relation to places near by my house, thats when fear set in. 13 miles is a long distance! Here is the course I will be running on Sunday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

interview on home 106fm

Yesterday had a little interview on Spring Arbor's College radio station home 106fm here in Spring Arbor, what a great little station. Tonight I do Mark at the College theatre called the "prop shop" should be fun.

Imagine the Bronx!

Had a great time at Fellowship Church in the Bronx two weeks ago, haven't had time to post about it, but I did want to mention this ministry date and the great blessing it was to me. My professor at Alliance Theological Seminary in Manhattan Dr. Louis DeCarro is Pastor of this Church, and invited me to come share the Gospel of Mark with his congregation. His wife is an amazing singer and leader of worship, they really made me feel at home, and I was blessed to see this little Church doing the work of God in this place. Five days a week the ladies of Fellowship Bible run a breakfast kitchen for folks in the neighborhood, and the place is packed everyday! An added bonus was being able to bring my old friend from Grad school Chuck Goodin with me, he ran sound and drove me to and from the city.